Create an online community and courses faster and easier than ever before

We're excited to announce that you can create an online community and courses faster and easier with the new Member Area Setup Guide! This guide is located on the member area setup page and the list of vaults inside your back office.  The guide walks you through step-by-step on how to create a fully-functional member area, vaults, and classes, and also features an easy way to invite people to your vaults.  It also automatically reviews the vault campaign you have selected to make sure it will invite people to a vault, and if it isn't set up correctly, it offers a one-click fix that will add the correct message to the campaign.

The guide looks like the following.

Also, there is a new "Invite Contacts to a Vault" link on your dashboard. This allows you to invite people to a vault more easily.

We hope these additions help you create and grow your online community and courses faster and easier than before. As always, please reach out to Support if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you!

Updates: Preview text, sorting recently edited, showing more class lessons

Some quick updates for today!

It's now possible to send a preview text to yourself when you're creating a bulk text:

There now is a way to sort by name (A-Z or Z-A) and last edited for campaigns, automations, follow-up plans, saved replies, pages, classes, landing pages, and resource bundles:

There now is a little expander/collapser icon on the online class editor page to make reordering online classes easier:

As always, we hope these changes make your business a little bit easier.  If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to .

Updates: Email preview, Full Image Width, Page Builder Style Inspector

We're excited to announce these updates to AttractWell:

Email preview
Ever wanted to send a test email to yourself before sending to make sure it looks great? Now you can! Click the new Send Preview button at the bottom of a bulk email, or the "Send preview email to yourself" link if you're editing a campaign email.

Full image width
If you ever wanted an image to go full width in the available space but didn't know about the 100% width shortcut, now you don't have to know that trick! Just click on the image, then click on this Enlarge to Full Width button shown here. The image will get as wide as possible and will scale to fit the available space on whatever device it is being used on.

Page Builder Style Inspector 
If you've been editing a page in the page builder and just aren't sure which element on the page has a style applied, use the style inspector to find out!  First, click the Edit Element Styles toolbar button in the page editor (as shown below) and then hover over various page elements to see the styles. A black box will appear with the styles if the element has a style. This can help you track down the style on a particular page element.

As always, we hope these changes make your life easier and your business run a little bit more smoothly. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to .

Build better pages with the AttractWell page builder

We are excited to announce an upgraded page editing experience that allows much greater control over your page styles. If you would like to watch training videos, check out the help library article.

The improvements include:
  • Extensive new styling capabilities including translucent backgrounds, background videos, background gradients, element rotation, scaling, shadows, borders, and more
  • Ability to edit the column layout to add, remove, duplicate, and move columns
  • New background wallpaper option
  • Per-button width, color, and style adjustment
  • Easily add rounded corners on images without editing the image itself
  • On-page lead capture form
  • Improved blog section to always align the title, image, and button
  • New "Cassie" website template
  • Ability to tag, send campaigns, and run automations based on what list item someone chose while filling out a form
  • Multi-column form formatting
  • Ability to save form response fields directly to fields in the contact record
We hope you find these improvements valuable to your business. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to and we'll be happy to assist!

Customize more background colors in the landing pages

Some landing page templates have a black bar on the top and the bottom of them, like the "Side Form" template. Now, if you click the arrow next to the Settings button while editing the landing page and click to edit the background image and colors, it will allow you to change the colors of those bars.

Additionally, the mobile phone version of those landing templates has been improved. The phone version of those landing page templates looks much more like the large-screen version.

We hope you find this helpful! If you have any questions, please reach out to .

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