Why Go With AttractWell vs New Zenler

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First, we'd just like to give a quick nod to the team at New Zenler.

They've built a great product. If you're here, then you're already doing the right thing by finding a product that we think provides more value to you and your clients.

AttractWell was built from the ground up starting in 2015 to help heart-centered coaches, consultants, practitioners, network marketers, and course creators like you to  grow your business faster, easier and with less time and tech, to free you up so you can do what matters most to you in life.  

So, what are the differences between AttractWell and New Zenler?

  • If you incorporate a personal touch to your business or need deep CRM capabilities, AttractWell can help you out here.
  • The AttractWell app is for you and your clients
  • AttractWell includes texting with a business phone number
  • AttractWell's to-dos and follow-up plans excel to provide a personal touch element at scale, so you can spend your limited personal touch time where it matters most
  • Better pricing (and not just for a limited time)

AttractWell vs New Zenler - Features

Now with the AttractWell AI Writer - write content in minutes, not hours!
We totally get that you're looking for more details, so the rest of this page is for you!
Contact Manager
AttractWellNew Zenler
To-Dos & Follow-Up Reminders
AttractWellNew Zenler
Email Bulk Messages & Autoresponders
AttractWellNew Zenler
2-Way Texting With Your Own Dedicated Phone Number
AttractWellNew Zenler
App for Phones & Tablets
AttractWellNew Zenler
AttractWell's app is for both you and your customers or prospects to use. Students access their courses from the AttractWell app while you can get work done on the go. Send emails, texts, host Zoom calls, etc., in addition to managing your communities, right from your AttractWell app for iOS and Android!

Events with RSVP
AttractWellNew Zenler
Forms With Answer-Based Automations
AttractWellNew Zenler
Automatically categorize your contacts with answer-based automations. Contacts may automatically be tagged, have campaigns started, and have automations be run when they answer form questions in specific ways.

Resource Bundles
AttractWellNew Zenler
Great for giving your students a jump start in their online business.  Give and receive bundles of assets like campaigns, pages, vaults, blog posts, follow-up plans, automations, saved replies, and more with other AttractWell customers. Optional but very powerful.

Website Page Builder for Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Marketing Sites, Etc.
AttractWellNew Zenler
Customize To Your Brand
AttractWellNew Zenler

Member Area With Online Courses
AttractWellNew Zenler
AttractWellNew Zenler

Zoom® Meetings
AttractWellNew Zenler
AttractWellNew Zenler

Sell Online Courses, Products, Downloads, & Accept Payments
(Recurring, Payment Plans, or One-Time)
AttractWellNew Zenler
Unlimited Online Courses & Products
AttractWellNew Zenler

With Add-On

E-Commerce (like Shopify)
AttractWellNew Zenler

with add-on

AttractWellNew Zenler

AI Writer - Write Content in Minutes, Not Hours
AttractWellNew Zenler

AttractWellNew Zenler
$1 first month, Starts at $29/ monthStarts at $67/month for a limited time
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When it comes to New Zenler alternatives, AttractWell is #1

Still not convinced? Try AttractWell for just $1 for your first month, or contact us for more info.

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