New - get set up faster with the AttractWell Setup Guide

Want customized advice to help you with AttractWell?

Answer a few questions in the AttractWell Setup Guide about your business - available by clicking the Success Academy link in the AttractWell menu.  This will give you a customized checklist inside your AttractWell account with videos and helpful instructions.

If you prefer to browse the available help videos, they are in the help library here as well: 

We hope this helps you reach your goals more quickly. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

Know how much of a video that a contact watches with the video tracking feature

This is great for learning how interested someone is based on a video you send them, or just knowing if someone actually watched something you sent to them.

Open the video library, then check the box to allow sharing a video by a link, then click Get Link.  Be notified by email, text, and app notification when someone clicks the link, starts watching the video, watches some of the video, and when they finish the video, so you know when to follow up. Also, tag them and run automations when they reach certain milestones in the video.

We hope this will be useful for your business. As always, please reach out to Support with any questions. Thank you!

New AttractWell Contact Manager Fields

There's a new Website URL field to let you track a contact's website or relevant link, and Company Name is now a searchable field (it is available under More Filters in the Filters popup).

We hope these changes make it easier to track and find relevant information for your contacts. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to .  Thank you!

Quickly update the campaign start date for all contacts receiving the campaign

Easily set everyone on a date-based campaign to the same start date!  Now, in the campaign editor, there are two new links:

  1. The View Recipients link allows you to quickly and easily view all contacts that are receiving the campaign.
  2. If you have a date-based campaign, there is also a new "adjust recipients" link. Click it, and it will make sure everyone on that campaign is synchronized to the date shown just above it. This is helpful if you change the campaign's start date and wish to adjust everyone to be on the new schedule. When you change the campaign start date, the system leaves everyone on the previous schedule to avoid duplicating or skipping any messages, but this new feature now lets you update everyone to the new date.
We hope this will streamline your campaign setup. As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

New pages, pricing boxes, checkbox, bio, and section templates, and ease-of-use improvements!

The page editor now allows double-clicking on a section background to open the section background editor to change padding, background color, etc.

There are also two new page templates:
  1. Workshop Registration (under the Landing/Registration tab in the Add Page box)
  2. Sales Page With Countdown Timer (under the Sales Pages tab in the Add Page box)
And, there are 6 new section templates when you click the Add button in the page editor, or click the bar between page sections to add a new section:
  1. Three column checkboxes
  2. A ‘program explainer’/‘about me’ section
  3. Three column with no images/buttons
  4. One column pricing box
  5. Two column pricing box
  6. Three column pricing box
We hope these are helpful for your business. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thank you!

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