Recently, these 3 improvements were made to AttractWell:

1.  Campaigns can now be organized into collections, which are like folders. Is your campaign list feeling a little disorganized and overstuffed? Maybe this can help!

2.  There is now a way to set the order of a lesson in an online class while you're editing the lesson. This is useful for classes with a lot of lessons where dragging and dropping the lesson order is impractical, and it saves time when you're adding a lesson to an existing class.

3.  Lessons in online classes now have a "Subcategory" field in addition to the Category field.  If you add a subcategory to a lesson, it’ll add a smaller header to the list of lessons to help visually break up longer lessons.

We hope these changes are helpful to your business. If you have any questions, please reach out to Support.


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